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We will keep you up to date with Dribond’s product range and any advancements in technical information you may find helpful.

August 2016


The next generation of sealant and adhesive formulated to meet green building standards, available in 6 colours to match our popular grouts.

Sealflex has a bond strength of 2 MPa and 200% elongation

Can be used as an adhesive , sealant and gapfiller

Free from solvent & Isocyanates

August 2013


Ecofix is an economical rubber modified adhesive

Introduction of Elastabond

Elastabond a flexible additive to levelling compounds

June 2012


Hydrabond is a white polymer modified adhesive for immersed applications, i.e. domestic swimming pools and water features, 
just add water.


Presto has replaced Kemset.

Presto is now used to accelerate cement based products and is used in place of water.

November 2010

Improvements to Liquid Flash 1

  • Colour change to Light Grey this enables you to see where you have covered with the second coat.
  • We have replaced the old glass fibre with a microfibre which as it makes it easier to apply.
  • Due to the changes made we now have a faster cure.
  • More flexible now 600% elongation and now a class 3 membrane.

We hope you like the changes we have made to make a good product better.

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February 2010

Product name change

Primer & Grout Additive is now called Primebond.

As a PRIMER - for dusty & porous masonry surfaces.
As a GROUT ADDITIVE - improves flexural strength, mould resistance & reduces staining.

October 2008

New product release - introducing Drymastic

An economical white non-slump powder for walls and floors.
Available in 20kg bags.

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April 2008

New product release - introducing Grout Shield

A clear water based sealer for protecting and sealing the grout and can be used Internally and externally.
Grout Shield comes in a convenient 250mm spray bottle ask your Rep for pricing and availability.

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New product release - introducing Greenseal

A clear water based sealer for protecting Porcelain, Stoneware, Marble, Granite and unpolished
Natural stone surfaces does not change the appearance of the stone or tile.

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