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These products are available in Asia only.


Aerated block adhesive


A cement based adhesive formulated to be mixed with clean, drinkable water and used as a thin bed adhesive for lightweight aerated building blocks.


  • High strength
  • Easy to mix and apply

Driseal 107

Waterproofing slurry


A two-pack liquid polymer and cement waterproofing compound and protective slurry with moderate flexibility to accommodate fine cracks and concrete shrinkage cracks for use internally and externally.


  • Easy to mix and use
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Waterproof - impermeable to water
  • Excellent adhesion to sound surfaces
  • Crack bridging capabilities
  • Non-toxic

Kemcote Matt/Gloss

A clear matt or gloss coating for porous surfaces and slate


A clear matt/gloss non-yellowing, hard-wearing, solvent based coating that highlights colour, seals and protects porous surfaces
and slate.


  • Long lasting - tests have shown years of dependable protection
  • Seals surface from moisture and protects surface from atmospheric chemical attack
  • Will not darken or yellow with age
  • May be recoated at any time


Two-pack, fast drying, waterproofing membrane


A two-pack, cement and acrylic polymer, flexible, fast setting waterproofing membrane. Can be applied to most building surfaces and will remain pliable and elastic and will bridge cracks and smooth irregular surfaces.


  • Easily applied
  • Fast set
  • Excellent adhesion to common building surfaces
  • Bridges hairline cracks


Polymer modified cement plaster


A cement based premixed plaster for thin bed application on interior and exterior walls.
Skimcote is made in two grades: Base - for thick applications, Finish - for thin applications and a fine finish.


  • Simple application
  • Durable hardwearing surface
  • Suitable for wet and dry conditions
  • Time and cost saving (50% of normal plastering labour costs)
  • Reduces material handling and wastage


Flexible acrylic additive for Kemgrip Standard


Replaces water in Kemgrip Standard and mortar mixes to make an adhesive that has flexibility, high strength, improved bond strength and is chemical, vibration and shock resistant.


Use for thin or thick bed fixing. It is unaffected by high humidity and can be used in immersed applications. Surecrete high shear tensile and bond strength make it ideal for areas subject to damp and humid conditions, vibration and thermal movement.